Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) in Gouda

Deeksha is a sanskrit word and means initiation.

The word Deeksha has been changed into Oneness Deeksha or Oneness Blessing, and the word Deekshagiver into Oneness Blessing giver or Oneness Deeksha giver.

By Amma and Bhagavan, the Avatars of the Oneness University, this word Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) is used as follows:

Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) is a special programmed energy that can be given by everybody, who had a special initiation. This energy quietes some restless parts of the brain and activates other parts. A special healing Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) can also be given.

The initiation is given on the 21-day course in Golden City, which is been given by the dasa's.

DÔsa: (servent) instrument of the will of God, knower of the universal spirit.

When the Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) energy is given the music of the Mula Mantra is often played.

Mula is a sanskrit word and means root.

  Mula Mantra a translation
Creative start
Beyond the Divine
The Highest Being
The Whole Heart
Shri Bhagavati The Female Principle
Shri Bhagavate
The Male Principle
To Bow to

Listening to the mantra

To give Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha)

Hansje and Wouter Koert have done the 21-day proces in India in January 2006, and have been initiated to give Mukti Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) en healing Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha).

In July 2006 we were at the 10 day advanced course in India, which was a very deepening experience for us.

Nowadays one can get een initiation in one weekend to be a Deekshagiver in Holland:

see Agenda Oneness Blessing Gouda

To receive Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha)

The Mukti (enlightenment) Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) activates that part of the brain in which one feels oneself connected and experiences oneness and brings that part of the brain that is constantly thinking to rest. In that part one finds oneself always identified with, for everyone, unique habit patterns, and those identification patterns come to rest. Thus a pattern of too much thinking, too much eating, too much watching TV etc. will become less demanding, and also stronger addictions come to rest.

During the Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) meeting recently only the Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) is given, which changes if necessary automatically in healing. The Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) recipient can focus of course also, during the Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) reception, on an inner intention for healing.

A lot of people have already received Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) and they feel their mind comes to rest and they get more energy and a stronger feeling of happyness; Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) is seen as a blessing. A lot of Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) has already been given in The Netherlands (to see also Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) startpagina and Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) in the Netherlands) .

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(*) updated Oktober 27' 2012

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