Pranayama for everybody

Nadi Shodana


The traditional pranayama is a quantity of knowledge or the science of breathing and life-energy and its application. The pranayama as exercise contains the integration of this knowledge and the skill to apply this knowledge.
Pranayama begins with entering the field of your own sphere, in other words, to go inwards with the attention. Then the investigation of the structures and processes of this energy field and its possibilities will begin.
The research and the developing of the possibilities ask for a special situation, in which the surroundings, the posture with patterns of tonus and relaxation, the breathing, the sensitivity and the mental and spiritual attitude are of importance.
These conditions are being varied in the pranayama-exercises and this gives knowledge special in a practicle sense. The energies will unfold directly by the exercises.
In addition an internal attentiveness and clarity is required: the greater this clarity, the faster the developments will occur. (Douwe Tiemersma "Pranayama", ISBN 90 805739 8 1 /NUR 726, 894, Dutch Publisher Advaita Centrum, is still only available in Dutch)

Basic pranayama exercises in short:

Purifying water

Purifying air

Nadi sodhana

Breathing with a firm belly




(*) Updated March 13' 2006

translated by Wouter

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